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New Music! Brandy-”Put It Down”

It’s been a minute (or 10) since Brandy gave the public a little something to shake to, and for a number of reasons: She lost her deal and had to find a new one, the last project was just a little off, and she was convinced for a while that only Darkchild could deliver the goodies. Well thank goodness things have been shaken up! She’s just leaked a new jam to the public that I’m actually looking forward to hearing through a club’s sound system, and IT WASN’T PRODUCED BY DAVID GUETTA!!! (No hate to David Guetta, but I’m just OVER every R&B act under the sun following trend and deciding to become a dance music artist.)

The Bangladesh produced track “Put It Down” features Chris Brown (I know, but what are we gonna do. He’s obviously got Titanium running through those damn veins…), and it’s got me doing the “Lean Wit It” topped off with a slight bounce. Check it out below! Go B-Rocka!

Fat Camp The Musical is PHAT!

This week I got to experience one of those magical/accidental moments in New York City that remind you why you came here in the first place and why we all LOVE NYC. Late afternoon a friend of mine popped up on GChat to ask if I had any interest in taking an extra ticket he had and accompanying him to a new musical a childhood friend of his was in called Fat Camp. I was totally already imagining getting under the covers at home and catching up on some back-log TV, but I never pass up an offer to a show. I feel like I never see enough because I’m always  too busy preparing and appearing in my own projects; a problem many fellow performers face.

Fat Camp tells the tale of a summer spent at Camp Overton where secrets, s’mores and self-image collide in a coming-of-age rock musical comedy. From the producers of Jersey Boys and Rock of Ages, Fat Camp features a book by Randy Blair and Tim Drucker, music by Matthew roi Berger, lyrics by Randy Blair and is directed by Casey Hushion.

Boy am I glad I went! The show was fucking amazing! The actors and performances were phenomenal. The songbook and band were awesome, and the story was entertaining and well constructed. It could possibly have been just a touch shorter, but in reality I had absolutely no problem with the length and number of songs. Entertaining is entertaining. I mean, I’ll most likely be going again, because I MUST pay it forward and take a friend or two that I know will LOVE it like I did. GO. SEE. IT.



PS, I kindof think there’s very few things that are hotter than when a big boy/girl can dance and know how to move that thang; they delivered.

TONIGHT! Happy Hour Bingo for the TEAM FOR KIDS Charity! Hosted by YOURS TRULY!

Wu Tsang’s “Wildness” To Be Screened at MoMA!

Two years ago while performing in Los Angeles at The Redcat Theater with the performance company I work with Big Art Group, I was presented with the opportunity to perform at “this really fierce underground queer party” called Wildness. I was just finishing up production on my debut album, and I was feeling at an all-time creative high. I was feeling free, and from the moment I walked into that party and prepared to perform, I felt the energy of freedom all around me as my LGBT family let loose in a space meant for just that.

Fast forward to the present, the documentary about this party from director Wu Tsang is finally ready for the world to see, and it’s making a big splash with screening this Wednesday night at MoMA. The buzz around the film has been major, and was even featured in this week’s Arts Feature in The New York Times! My performance that night was captured by Wu Tsang, and apparently some of it made the final edit of the film! Not only am I excited to see myself serving up aggressive house music in my “militia-fierce” look for that moment, but I’m also just excited to see this film that captures a very special moment in time for a special section of people living in LA.

  • Wildness

    2012. USA. Directed by Wu Tsang. Wildness is a portrait of the Silver Platter, a historic, LGBT-friendly bar on the eastside of Los Angeles that has catered to the Latin immigrant community since 1963. With a magical-realist flourish—the bar itself becomes a character in the film—Wildness captures the creativity and conflict that ensue when a group of young, queer artists of color (Wu Tsang, DJs NGUZUNGUZU, and Total Freedom) organize a weekly performance art party, called Wildness, at the bar. What does “safe space” mean, and who needs it? The search for answers to these questions creates coalitions across generations. 75 min.

See you there!

Mob Wives’ Big Ang Heading to Downton Abbey???

… I HIGHLY doubt it. In fact, I’m pretty sure I have a better chance of actually seeing hell freeze over regardless of global warming, but that doesn’t mean we can’t imagine the ridiculous!

Big Ang/Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham

Downton Abbey is currently being celebrated as one of the best series on television right now. (Thank you PBS’ Masterpiece!) I’m a sucker for a period piece, and I occasionally go on insane BBC binges that lead to me driving everyone in my house insane with my new British accent. One of the BEST parts of the show is the great Maggie Smith, who appears as the snobby, witty Dowager Countess of Grantham. Her lines are to die for, and have inspired quotation blogs all over the internet. Even a side-eye from her is enough to have you on the floor.

I also love a guilty pleasure and the occasional trash TV, and VH1′s Mob Wives fulfills that craving. One of the best parts of the 2nd season has been the introduction of a new character named Big Ang. She’s… let’s say unique. One thing you can’t deny after watching her on the show though is that she’s a sweetheart with lots of love to give, and I think that’s one explanation for her meteoric popularity.

Now, if you  mix the two, you get the the clip below:

Big thanks to US Weekly for the genius to put this together. You made my week.